I look at photography to view the truth, as seen through a creatives eyes, not the facade between right and wrong, but to witness the true value of Man. The truth we hide, we deny, & shun. All these truths can be captured in silver, frozen, imprisoned, & displayed to show life. From the iconic windows background to Henri's decisive moments.

I wish to solidify my truth, share it with opposing ideas & challenge my ideology, I believe we're here currently as a country because everyone is refusing to budge. I too recognize the flaws in my perception of reality. I place those perceptions into silver & allow others creatives to challenge me and further my understand of the world. As a hopeful industrial designer who picked up a camera to get myself this far, all I see in the world is a chance to improve it, through images that spark discussion to product I create that helps & inspires others.

Everything I do is to improve us.

 As A Whole.

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